Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags (8 Pack - 2x200g+2x100g+4x50g) with 4 Hooks,

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags (8 Pack - 2x200g+2x100g+4x50g) with 4 Hooks,

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Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags (8 Pack - 2x200g+2x100g+4x50g) with 4 Hooks, Natural Charcoal Bags Odor Absorber for Home and Car (Pet Friendly)

FIGHT STUBBORN ODORS – Made with non-toxic and 100% natural ingredient — activated bamboo charcoal (this kind of charcoal can neutralize even the worst and stubborn smells), and made to let the odors in and let the charcoal do its work by continuously absorbing the bad odors, allergens, and even harmful pollutants that contaminates the air in your car or home. It is also perfect for absorbing excess moisture in damp environments.

5X CHARCOAL BAGS ODOR ABSORBER – We designed your bamboo air purifying charcoal bags to purify the air you breathe. Beware of other charcoal bags for odor on the market that can do more harm than good, charcoal air purifying bags use the highest quality high mountain bamboo charcoal from Southeast Asia — with NO harmful additives — entirely safe, non-toxic, natural and organic for babies, kids, pets, and food..

10X MORE POROUS – Air purifying bags with natural high mountain bamboo charcoal are 10x more porous than regular charcoal. That means when you buy our bamboo charcoal bags, you'll be getting one of most potent and effective charcoal air freshener solutions! So, get yourself an activated charcoal odor absorber pack that gets the job done right. Bamboo charcoal bags odor absorber means no more foul odors in your car, home, litter boxes, or gym bags. Supercharge the air you breathe!

 REJUVENATE FOR UP TO 2 YEARS – Comes with everything you need to freshen up your life: 2 large 200g & 2 middle 100g bags : perfect for large sized enclosed rooms, 4 small 50g bags: fantastic for small areas that need more work. Plus, rejuvenate your bamboo charcoal bags every month — place your charcoal air purifying bags in the sunlight for a couple of hours. This process off-gases all of the odors that bamboo charcoal bags have absorbed. Your air purifier bags will be just like NEW!

HANG WITH GREAT EASE – Every set of our charcoal bamboo bags comes with 4 stainless steel S hooks for easy hanging anywhere in your home or car. Just hook the bags through the metal grommets in the corner and start purifying your space with all-natural goodness.
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